​    Please accept this as an expression of my interest in potentially working for your organization. While open to the exact field or industry I ultimately work in, I am ostensibly seeking a position that leverages and expands any or all of my skills relating to programming, statistics, data science, cognitive neuroscience, psychology, general research, image analysis, and digital artistry. If hired, I would prove to be a creative and flexible employee with a tenacious work ethic.
    My diverse background of skills and talents has developed from a high-caliber interdisciplinary liberal-arts education combined with a breadth of post-baccalaureate internships and work experiences where I was often mentored or supervised by world-class scientists and physicians.  The following are a few examples. 
     My undergraduate neuroscience advisor of four years, Christopher Chabris Ph.D., co-author of the world-famous study, “The Invisible Gorilla”,  was highly influential on my intellectual development and provided me a solid foundation in cognitive neuroscience. My long-standing mentor and collaborator of five years, award-winning NYU professor and author of the textbooks, Neural Data Science and MATLAB for Neuroscientists, Pascal Wallisch Ph.D., personally trained me in programming, research methods, and wise use of statistics.  Together Dr. Wallisch and I have made several noteworthy discoveries that are currently under peer-review. I spent one year as an intern mentored by internationally renowned neuroscientist, Lucia Melloni Ph.D., investigating the perceptual effects of a rare neurological disorder. I worked at NYU Langone’s Comprehensive Epilepsy Center under the supervision of its director, the famed neurologist, Orrin Devinky M.D., where I was responsible for conducting the preprocessing, analysis, and visualization of data for a paper published in, Neurology, which we are co-authors on.  
    I relish learning new skills and theories to overcome obstacles and cover new ground. If I do not possess a skill needed to perform a certain duty, I learn, practice, and if necessary, master it. In every working situation, I have been in, learning and excelling in hitherto unfamiliar subject areas became critical for the project's success. For example, in a few days’ time, I taught myself the fundamentals of R because it was the only language with the particular esoteric statistical test we needed, and within a month I wrote scripts for conducting custom Monte-Carlo simulations and other statistics on epidemiological data for two manuscripts currently in peer-review. In general, my understanding of computer science is such that I can usually orient myself within a new programming language quickly. 
Ultimately, my drive as a scientist is to earn an honest living by distilling truth from raw data and presenting it well. If hired, your team would be gaining a conscientious, resilient, and creative generalist with advanced programming ability who takes pride in writing elegant code, handling data responsibly, and creating beautiful, professional-quality visualizations. 
    I hope to hear from you soon. I would love to further discuss opportunities for working with your organization.

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