The story so far…

This whole thing started when our principal artist, Michael Karlovich, was trying to get an ‘A' in an "Introduction to Digital Art" course in college. Mike was experimenting in the digital art lab late at night and happened upon a very… strange design.

To backup-- Recursia is essentially a group of four friends, all united by a mutual love of science, art, philosophy, spirituality, and dank memes. So, we all watched and provided feedback as this art went from a weird photoshop anomaly to something that we understood, and could create on demand. For years, we watched as each of us was affected by this art in subtle ways-- our chief operating officer started seeing Recursia patterns in the thick glass of a truckstop diner, our chief photographer started creating his own geometric art, inspired from our chief artist's work. And of course we created countless piece of Recursia art based on our friend Dan, just to make him feel embarrassed. Poetry, Jam sessions, and geometric ephiphanies were yielded from hours of staring at and creating the visions of infinity that are contained within the art. We also greatly enjoyed taking the mundane - the quotidian - the extra-ordinary and making it extraordinary. Everything from Doge, to apples to pictures of Dan could be made into beautiful art, given the right method.

So, things went on like that for years. The art kept on, but it was basically just us enjoying making stuff for each other, and ourselves. It was only recently that people outside our friends group started commenting-- we got great feedback from shoe designers, fashionistas, corporate-high-ups, the young, the old, whatever. We were surprised to see that what started as a strange photoshop project seemed to have hit upon something that appealed to a sense of beauty and aesthetics that cuts across culture, age, religion, etc. At that point, we began to wonder, “If we’re getting all of this good feedback, maybe the greater world would like to see what we’ve been doing”. This website, and this company is our attempt to let the greater world in on what we’ve been up to, and the strange way that we see the world. Full disclosure-- we are trying to make money on this (sorry communists), but we’ve also tried to price our goods so that there is something for everyone. For the college kid, or the less-wealthy, we’ve got posters and T-shirts, and for those that can afford it, we can offer more bespoke services, such as commissions. Honestly, we just hope that you find something that makes you go “Oh wow, I’ve never seen something like that”

One last note-- we’re just getting started. And remember, we’re just four friends. We don’t know art, or the art world. We’re still figuring out business too. A lot more will be coming in the coming months and years, so please stay tuned, and if you love our work, or just want to give us some life advice please feel free to contact us at, or connect with us on [insert social media]

Twitter: @RecursiaArt

Thanks for checking us out, and have an awesome day!

The Recursia Guys

(including Dan)