Media featuring my work

Neurology® The most widely read and highly cited peer-reviewed neurology journal

An article I co-authored, "Socioeconomic disparities in SUDEP in the US" was chosen to be the featured research on the journal's cover for Volume 94 (number 24) June 16th, 2020. 

Scientific American®


A Pair of Crocs to Match the Dress: New research casts light on viral illusions 

By Stephen L. Macknik; Jan. 23, 2020

Twenty-Eight Shades of Shoes: New research using Crocs explains the dress 

By Susana Martinez-Conde, Stephen L. Macknik; Dec. 12, 2019


First There Was "The Dress." Now We've Got These Crocs.

By Dan Vergano; Jul. 3, 2019


You Are Not So Smart Podcast - A Celebration of Self-Delusion

Episode 176 (in two parts):  – How a divisive photograph of a perceptually ambiguous dress led two researchers to build the nuclear bomb of cognitive science out of socks and Crocs

Hosted by David McRaney; featuring Michael Karlovich and Pascal Wallisch

Part 1 of the podcast  Aired March 9th, 2020 

Part two of the podcast Aired Mar. 25, 2020

Currently seeking Employment


I am a 27-year-old residing in the suburbs of NYC seeking to develop my career to its next level. As an overview, I am a well-rounded generalist equipped with a unique arsenal of theoretical, practical, and technical know-how spanning the biological, clinical, psychological, neural, and computer sciences; and additionally, art and business. At the core of my professional background lies a skill set of excellent programming, statistics, and data analytics that is perfect for working with large, potentially messy, heterogeneous sets of data. My breadth of skills combined with my passion for working both collaboratively and independently to imagine, create, and understand new frontiers has allowed me to instrumentally contribute to several meaningful scientific discoveries and incorporate a small personal business. I am at a stage where I have a wise sense of my strengths and weaknesses, a mature outlook on my career path, a tenacious work ethic, and wield a solid command over the subject-matter to which the last 9 years of my life have been dedicated. Most importantly, I love what I do and am eager to develop my knowledge and understanding to continue to produce world-class work. 

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