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Optical Illusion: This 'Crocs And Socks' Trick Will Fool Your Eyes
By: Simran Srivastav Jul 15 2022


How ‘The Dress’ Sparked a Neuroscience Breakthrough

by David McRaney Jun 24, 2022


The Crocs And Socks Optical Illusion Has Returned To Confuse The Internet

By Abbi Murray, Apr 20th, 2022

The India Times

Optical Illusion: Geometric Drawing Tricks The Brain Into Thinking There Are Rays Emerging From The Centre

By: Basit Aijaz May 11 2022

The Sun

Mind-bending optical illusion tricks the brain into thinking there are light rays coming out of geometric drawing

By Shacamree Gowdy, May 7  2022

The Sun

Optical illusion of ‘Crocs and socks’ reignites years-long debate – what color do YOU see?

By Cheyenne R. Ubiera, Apr 19, 2022

The New York Post

‘Crocs & Socks’ illusion baffles viewers with debate over true color

By Andrew Court, Apr 19, 2022

Psychology Today

Visual Illusions and Optical Illusions Are Not the Same

By Pascal Wallisch, Aug 10, 2021

Creative Bloq

Scintillating new optical illusion is out of this world

By Daniel Piper Jul 05, 2021

The Science Behind This Illusion and How The Visual Confuses Your Brain

By Lisa Harvey, July 2nd, 2021



Jun 30th 2021

New York University (

A New Kind of Visual Illusion Uncovers How Our Brains Connect the Dots

By: James Devitt, Jun 29 2021

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

A new kind of visual illusion uncovers how our brains connect the dots
'Scintillating starburst' offers insights into visual processing

Jun 29 2021

The Financial

A New Kind of Visual Illusion Uncovers How Our Brains Connect the Dots

by The Financial staff, Jun, 29, 2021

The Sun (

This new optical illusion fools your brain – can you work out how?

By: Vanessa Chalmers, Jun 29 2021

Live Science (

A new type of optical illusion tricks the brain into seeing dazzling rays

By: Harry Baker, Jun 29 2021

IFLScience (

Brand New Type Of Optical Illusion Tricks The Brain Into Seeing Shimmering Rays

By: IFL Science Staff, Jun 29 2021

DailyMail UK (

'Scintillating Starburst' optical illusion tricks you into thinking a spinning wheel is shimmering - and illustrates how our brains 'connect the dots' to create a subjective reality in what we see

By: Shivali Best, Jun 29 2021

IFLScience (

Boggle Your Brain With The Best Illusion Of The Year Contest 2020

By: IFLS staff; Dec. 18th 2020

Scientific American®

A Pair of Crocs to Match the Dress: New research casts light on viral illusions 

By Stephen L. Macknik; Jan. 23, 2020

Twenty-Eight Shades of Shoes: New research using Crocs explains the dress 

By Susana Martinez-Conde, Stephen L. Macknik; Dec. 12, 2019


First There Was "The Dress." Now We've Got These Crocs.

By Dan Vergano; Jul. 3, 2019


You Are Not So Smart Podcast - A Celebration of Self-Delusion

Episode 176 (in two parts):  – How a divisive photograph of a perceptually ambiguous dress led two researchers to build the nuclear bomb of cognitive science out of socks and Crocs

Hosted by David McRaney; featuring Michael Karlovich and Pascal Wallisch

Part 1 of the podcast  Aired March 9th, 2020 

Part two of the podcast Aired Mar. 25, 2020

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