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New York University (

A New Kind of Visual Illusion Uncovers How Our Brains Connect the Dots

By: James Devitt, Jun 29 2021

The Sun (

This new optical illusion fools your brain – can you work out how?

By: Vanessa Chalmers, Jun 29 2021

Live Science (

A new type of optical illusion tricks the brain into seeing dazzling rays

By: Harry Baker, Jun 29 2021

IFLScience (

Brand New Type Of Optical Illusion Tricks The Brain Into Seeing Shimmering Rays

By: IFL Science Staff, Jun 29 2021

DailyMail UK (

'Scintillating Starburst' optical illusion tricks you into thinking a spinning wheel is shimmering - and illustrates how our brains 'connect the dots' to create a subjective reality in what we see

By: Shivali Best, Jun 29 2021

IFLScience (

Boggle Your Brain With The Best Illusion Of The Year Contest 2020

By: IFLS staff; Dec. 18th 2020

Neurology® The most widely read and highly cited peer-reviewed neurology journal

An article I co-authored, "Socioeconomic disparities in SUDEP in the US" was chosen to be the featured research on the journal's cover for Volume 94 (number 24) June 16th, 2020. 

Scientific American®


A Pair of Crocs to Match the Dress: New research casts light on viral illusions 

By Stephen L. Macknik; Jan. 23, 2020

Twenty-Eight Shades of Shoes: New research using Crocs explains the dress 

By Susana Martinez-Conde, Stephen L. Macknik; Dec. 12, 2019


First There Was "The Dress." Now We've Got These Crocs.

By Dan Vergano; Jul. 3, 2019


You Are Not So Smart Podcast - A Celebration of Self-Delusion

Episode 176 (in two parts):  – How a divisive photograph of a perceptually ambiguous dress led two researchers to build the nuclear bomb of cognitive science out of socks and Crocs

Hosted by David McRaney; featuring Michael Karlovich and Pascal Wallisch

Part 1 of the podcast  Aired March 9th, 2020 

Part two of the podcast Aired Mar. 25, 2020