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Highlights of My Skills and Work Experience

The following ten bullets provide highlights of my background and core competencies. • Over the past eight years, I have shadowed, volunteered, interned, been employed by, and collaborated  with leading scientists and physicians on cutting-edge research projects where I have demonstrated success working with cognitive, psychophysical, electrophysiological,  epidemiological, pharmaceutical,  clinical, text, and image data • Co-authored three peer-reviewed publications; with two additional manuscripts in review (one of which I am first-author), another in pre-print, and two others in final stages of preparation •  My work has been featured in Scientific American, Buzzfeed, and the You Are Not So Smart Podcast;  an article I co-authored, Socioeconomic disparities in SUDEP in the US, was the featured article on the cover of the June 16th, 2020 volume of Neurology® • Proven understanding and experience with probability theory, null-hypothesis-statistical testing, and Montecarlo methods; some experience implementing Bayesian inference frameworks • Skilled in applying  imperative programming paradigms to solve scientific, data-driven, business, and artistic endeavors; demonstrated success working with various types of large, messy, multidimensional datasets • Actively improving my theoretical and practical understanding of  SQL, as well as neural networks, AI,  Machine Learning, Deep learning, etc. • Adept creative problem solver: sharp in logical, abstract, and first-principles reasoning;  strength in visual, computational, and multidimensional thinking; well-practiced in improvisational theory and the creative process • Professional digital artist with expert data visualization skills • Talented verbal and written communicator • Thrive working both independently and with a team

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